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General toolkit.

Odak provides a set of functions that can be used for general purpose work, such as saving an image file or loading a three-dimensional point cloud of an object. These functions are helpful for general use and provide consistency across routine works in loading and saving routines. When working with odak, we strongly suggest sticking to the general toolkit to provide a coherent solution to your task.

Engineering notes

Note Description
Working with images This engineering note will give you an idea about how read and write images using odak.
Working with dictionaries This engineering note will give you an idea about how read and write dictionaries using odak.

This submodule is based on torch, therefore the functions provided here are differentiable and can be used with provided optimizers in torch.

Function Description Calculates signal-to-noise-ratio with respect to a ground truth.

This submodule is based on numpy. If you are using functions outside of odak.learn submodule, we recommend you to use this specific set of tools. Note that there are also corner case like loading a dictionary when using odak.learn, which does not necessarily require to work with as works with numpy or torch. In such cases, is the go to submodule.

Function Description Check if directory exist, if not create it. Convert bytes to other units (e.g., MB). Load an image. Load a dictionary. List files in a given path. Resize a given image. Save as an image. Save a dictionary. Geet size of a file in units (e.g., MB). Trigger a shell command.